We love GoldenEye as our one stop Jamaican destination.  You drive up to a small gate with barely any markings then enter into a laid-back secluded paradise.  It’s called GoldenEye because it was the private residence and occasional filming location of Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond series.  Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, now owns and lives on the property.  Everyone on staff seems friendly and happy, aways available, but never overly attentive.  We stay in little private bungalows on the little river type body that curls from the ocean through the property.  Every room comes with kayaks so you can paddle down the water to the spa or beach.  There is a special little calm water cove of ocean water perfect for snorkeling, paddle boarding - awesome/safe for kids.  The staff told us they were fully booked but the resort never seemed full of people.  It was only at the casual buffet-style dinner restaurant or at the main house cocktail party where you noticed there were actually lots of other guests staying there as well.  Jamaica is such a special place with so much rich influence.  We love the authenticity of the resort, the local cuisine like callaloo, rice with peas, jerk chicken and salt fish and Reggae music.  They have lots of cute beaded bracelets in Rasta colors in the shop to bring kids or friends.